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ISO/IEC 42001

AI Management System

Create quality customer experiences with ISO/IEC 42001. Implementing this framework demonstrates your commitment to ethical, safe, and reliable AI systems that drive product experiences your customers can trust.

ISO/IEC 42001 compliance

A framework for trustworthy AI

ISO/IEC 42001 certification shows that a company takes responsibility for building and using fair, technically strong, and transparent AI solutions. Start building trust with clients and stakeholders already today.

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Why you may need it

Build quality AI solutions

As AI becomes deeply integrated into products, services and decisions, organizations need to ensure they uphold ethical values and prioritize safety.

Improve reliability

Develop AI systems that operate consistently without failures or issues that people can truly rely upon.

Boost customer trust

Demonstrate your genuine commitment to ethical AI that protects customers' interests and rights.

Gain a competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself by standardizing processes and delivering trustworthy, responsible AI systems.

Reduce development cost

Standardize business processes and optimized development expenses of your AI solution in the long run.

We can help

Prepare for ISO/IEC 42001

With a team of experienced ISO advisory professionals, we can guide you through the processes and help you achieve ISO/IEC 42001 certification faster.

Perform a thorough evaluation of your current AI policies, processes and controls against ISO/IEC 42001, identifying areas for improvement.

Implement all the changes required into your current processes to meet all the requirements defined by ISO/IEC 42001 standard.

Educate your in-house team on building and maintaining ethical, reliable and safe AI solutions, aligned with ISO/IEC 42001 requirements.

Get ready for the final certification audit by preparing together with experienced ISO advisors and running multiple dry runs before.

Use our support on-demand even after getting your ISO/IEC 42001 certification to maintain and continue enhancing your AI management systems.

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The road to ISO/IEC 42001 certification

Achieve ISO/IEC 42001 certification through our six-step workflow specially designed to help you establish and maintain efficient and compliant AI management systems. It covers all the necessary steps to pass the formal audit and achieve certification.

  1. Initial meeting

    The first step is an initial meeting where our ISO consultant meets with your team. During this meeting, we gather insights into your current AI management practices and discuss the requirements and scope of the ISO/IEC 42001 standard.

  2. Signing mutual NDA

    The next step involves signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This agreement ensures all sensitive information shared by either party during the engagement and certification process remains confidential and protected.

  3. Defining requirements

    Together, we define the specific requirements for ISO/IEC 42001 certification. At this stage, we thoroughly assess your current AI management practices, set objectives, and identify how to align existing processes to meet the ISO 42001 standard.

  4. Signing contract

    Once we define and agree on all requirements, we sign a contract. It outlines the scope of work, timelines, deliverables, and any other relevant terms and conditions that apply to our ISO/IEC 42001 consultancy services for your organization.

  5. Introducing better practices

    Our consultants will assist you in implementing an AI management system based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 42001. We can help establish clear policies and procedures, meet legal and regulatory requirements, and provide training to prepare your employees.

  6. Ensuring ISO/IEC 42001 compliance

    Finally our experts will conduct a thorough internal audit of your AI management system to identify any gaps, and provide guidance to resolve any outstanding issues before the formal certification audit.

Why choose us

Support on each step

Make sure your business has a partner that can prepare you to successfully navigate the official process and obtain ISO/IEC 42001 certification.

Professional ISO advisors

Leverage our 10+ years of expertise trusted by Fortune 500 companies to streamline your ISO certification preparation.

Client-focused approach

We provide tailored services optimized for your unique business needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Continuous success

Your success is our success. We know that as we help your business succeed we add to our knowledge and ensure we offer the most cutting-edge services.

In-depth knowledge

Utilize our extensive knowledge of ISO standards to implement effective management systems that drive excellence.

Easy to reach

We make sure your business has access to effective and transparent advice, no matter where you are in the world.

Ongoing support

We make sure your business is supported full cycle through the ISO process so if anything changes we're here to advise.

Obtenez la certification ISO. Conseils d'experts. Des processus rationalisés.

Travaillez avec des conseillers ISO expérimentés et éliminez tous les obstacles qui se dressent entre vous et la certification ISO.